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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 23, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we begin with the latest from manchester, are england where wie're getting new information on the victims caught in the panic after an explosion outside an ariana grande concert. an 8-year-old is among the 22 killed. >> there will be difficult days ahead. >> that is british prime minister this morning who called the bombing a callus terrorist attack. isis is claiming responsibility and there is word ever at leaio one arrest. >> 22 people were killed including an
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a dozen other children were also hurt we understand. and new this morning, isis says it was behind the attack. nbc's richard engel is in manchester where they are trying to recover once again. >> reporter: panic in the arena moments after a bomb exploded right outside. the horrifying sound of fans nearly all young girls screaming in terror. the concert was clearing out when the bomb went off, it targeted people as they were leaving to meet their rides home. in many cases picking up their kids. >> we now know that a single terrorist detonated his explosive near one of the exits. deliberately choosing the time and place to cause maximum carnage and to kill and injure in-discrimins kriiscriminal nat. >> a big
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of air and thought what the hell is that. >> reporter: their daughter was still inside trying to get out. but a stampede. >> the light came up after the concert and then there was a big bang. and everyone just started running, pieople screaming. ariana grande was not hurt but shenandoah she's broken, from the bottom of my heart, i'm so, so sorry. shock among the common certificate goers too,ing many have spent the night at ohio tells or in apartments offered by locals for free. police quickly determined that a lone male suicide attacker debt natured the improvised bomb. british authorities believe they do have the identity of the suicide boermber, but they have not released it as the investigation is ongoing and they are looking forot
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richa richard engel, manchester. harsh words from donald trump this morning. he reacted to the manchester concert explosion during a stop on his foreign trip. the president spoke in bethle m bethlehem. >> so many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. ci i won't call them monsters because they would like that. i will call them from now on losers. because that is what they are. they are losers. >> president trump is in the middle of a five stop foreign trip that will also take him to the vatican. of course this is a story we will continue to follow for you throughout the day. you can follow developments when we're not on air on our nbc washington app. we turn now to t
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and another cloudy day around here. >> the question now for storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, will the clouds bring us more rain? >> yes, indeed. raindrops will be a big pentagon part of t part of the forecast for later on. very low clouds over washington this morning. very light rain from about manassas out towards warrington and down through washington, virginia, culpeper and also along parts of the northern neck. this is trending in our direction. it's not all that heavy, but more than enough to interrupt some of your outdoor plans in the afternoon hours. temperatures result of the low clouds and moisture sneaking in, we won't move much. we're in the mid-60s around washington now. i think maybe another couple degrees, that is about it. temperature-wise that hour by hour, a lot of clouds, off and on light rain chances throughout the day. temperatures mid perhaps upper 60s around the area. raf rafrl amou
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and i'll give you a peek at the holiday weekend coming up. tributes are taking place ga today for a bowie state university student killed gay d before he was supposed to graduate. richard collins iii was stabbed to death. his father spoke about the loss. >> just heavy in your heart. you know, he would go out of his way sometimes to my chagrin to try to help others. >> collins had just been commissioned to serve as second lieutenant in the army. his friends say he was out cell plating t krelt celebrating the night he was killed. molette green is on the same campus. >> reporter: and the collins family is here for their son, many of the people that i
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to today described feelings of grief and pride for a young man who dedicated his life to services. last minute prepping of caps and gowns, final photos, nervous energy on this long awaited day. but heavy hearts, too, for army second lieutenant richard collins iii killed just days ago on this college park campus. >> i think everybody is kind of like wow, that is so sad. but i mean, for the most part, we're still excited. i know he wouldn't want everybody to be like oh, no, droopy and stuff. so we're just trying to make the best of the day. >> we remember the life of our fallen. >> reporter: inside the xfinity center, a moment event of silen. this claire is draped and dedicated to the bowie state business student commissioned just last week as an army officer. many here will wear
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his memory. >> it's hard to grasp, i got this text early morning saturday after it happened and two days after commissioning and three days before graduation, it'scol here to receive his degree in front of many who describe their son as a brilliant leader. >> today is more about the family and celebrating the family and his legacy of excellence. >> he was a great leader out of rm rmpt rotc. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. and it's really unfortunate. all right the umd bus shelter where he was stabbed is really not far from here. but it really seems far from everyone's focus at least for today. in college park, molette green, news 4. the 22-year-old university maryland student accused of killing collins
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in jail until his trial. the request with to be released on house arrest was denied. the judge called him a threat to the community. the fbi is helping now with campus police investigating after learning that urbanski is a member of a facebook group called at reich. a man died after being attacked last night around 5:00 near the approach to the 11th street bridge just north of the southeast freeway. we're working to find out more about the victims. so far no are as ha arrests hav been made. covering northern virginia now, two 16-year-old boys have been charged with distributing san income tax to othxanax to o. the sheriff's office says the students shared a drink are mixed with xanax with as many as seven eighth graders last month. no one was hurt and none of the middle school students was charged. it
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taking center stage at a fairfax county high school. it's over whether symbols and names honoring the con ffederac should be named. jeb stuart high school was named in honor of a confederate general. tonight there will be another meeting to discuss the issue. the school district estimates changing the school's name would cost nearly a million dollars. well, he helped to neighboring james bondmake james bond a world famous name. how he's being remembered this morning. and o.j. simpson could be released after nearly a decade behind bars. the challenges ahead for the former athlete that is now 70 ars
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department of home land security says there are no credible threats to american venues following the manchester bombing, but the attack does highlight the difficulty of preventing terrorist attacks on so-called soft targets. >> it is a nightmare scenario for security experts. tom costello reports that even with police presence, they are hardly a match for a determined suicide bomber. >> reporter: by its very definition, terrorism is about striking fear in the heart of the public. and there is no better place than so-called soft
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the arena in manchester, the airport departure and arrival halls in brussels. concert halls in paris. a christmas market in berlin, a board walk in nice, the night club in orlando, an office christmas party in san bernardino. and the list goes on and on. >> it's impossible to secure all places at thiem all times at 100% security. what you can try to do is to gather as much intelligence and information as possible about those planning the attacks. >> reporter: in 2017, security has become pervasive wherever we go. train stations, airports, concerts, sporting events, even shopping malls. the nypd deployed extra units around the scity. >> everything was great, a lot of presence, a lot of security. but everybody was safe. >> reporter: but security has its limits. >> soft targets are one of the
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kind of hence the name soft target is that there really aren't layers of security. it's a public area. >> reporter: the key say experts is for the public to remain vigilant. be suspicion of someone who acts re erratically. terrorism officers say the see something say something directive is still just as urgent as ever and often the best way to stop an attack. >> the balance between security and privacy is a difficult one. terrorists only have to succeed once. and security officials have to worry not only about all potential suspects, but worry about hardening targets in an open society. >> federal authorities report no immediate change to the security posture at airports here in the u.s. even though some cities are adding more highly v
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bond, james bond. >> live and let die was his first james bond movie. but he starred in seven of them. thor this morning being a roger moore passed away from cancer. he was 89 years old. before he was bond, he starred in the tv show the saint. afterwards, he became a unicef goodwill ambassador. soon one of the most recognized prisoners in america could walk free. >> a parole hearing for o.j. simpson has been scheduled for july. simpson has been in a nevada police about on rison since 200. he was convicted of armed robbery of two memorabilia dealers in las vegas. charges unrelated to the 1994 murder of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman. simpson was acquitted, but a civil court late earth found him liable. if the hearing goes his way, he could bet
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october. >> he may very well get parole just based upon the merits of his conduct in this case. previously they ranked him as low risk. >> now, being simpson was denied parole in 2013. if about denied again this summer, his next chance would be in 2020. three of the six baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray could lose their jobs. an internal investigation reveals 5 of final violated police protocol during the 2015 arrest leading up to gray's death. two others face suspension without pay. criminal charges against all of them were dropped last year. the attorney who originally brought those charges says she's hopeful about this internal investigation. >> i'm relieved that administratively a majority will be held accountable. and i heap that this brings closure to the loved ones of freddie gray, city of baltimore and most importantly the
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dedicated police from baltimore city. >> the officers face charges ranging from second degree murder to smamanslaughter. the appeals process could take several months. it is now illegal to smoke or vape at an outdoor bar or restaurant in rockville. violators could be fined up to $1,000. the city down on still passstci by 4-1. concerns are that they will simply move down the street. new construction on beach drive could make a mess of your morning commute. it will soon be shifting to the second phase, that involves the highlighted stretch to broad branch road. national park service will give an update on when the work will start during a public be meeting tonight at chevy chase neighborhood library. the full reconstruction of beach drive is expected to wrap up by fall of 2019. well, get ready for more construction in a pretty busy area of the district. next week crews will start
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intersection of 14th street and irving in northwest. the new traffic signal timing features an all red pedestrian about only phase about and no turn on red restrictions. it should be in place by mid june. well, right now drivers need to avoid part of macarthur bouleva boulevard. it could be closed of on until friday. crews have been working on the road since last wednesday after a large water main broke there. they have replaced that damaged main and filled the hole. but as of last night, the ground was so wet, they haven't are been able to finish lying down asphalt and repair the road. chance for rain sticks around for a big part of our workweek. after the break, a look at when you should expect the heaviest rain. and in the past we've heard about some of the benefits of drinking a glass of wine. today a study
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women watching how mh they poucur
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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y2cufy y16fy in news 4 your health, a warning to remember before you pour yourself a glass of wine tonight. so 10 grams of alcohol per day could increase a woman's chance of developing breast cancer according to the world
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it analyzed 100 studies of 12 million women and found alcohol increases the risk by 5% in younger women and 9% in older women. it also found women who are active are less likely to get cancer. that's good. well, if about you're having trouble hearing, you're not alone. 48 million measures suffer from hearing loss. >> and up to 85% of people who could benefit from using a hearing aid don't have one. joe fryer explains the new push to sell them over the counter and how the change could save you thousands of dollars. >> reporter: tony saunders has been playing the base since he was 14. now 61, a hearing test reveals it's taking a toll. saunders needs hearing aids, but they can cost up to $4,000 each and usually aren't covered by insurance. >> when it you have to prioritize what you're going to spend money on, hearing aids doesn't make the list? >> i got six kids
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k grandkids. so they come before me and my wife. >> reporter: now lawmakers are considering legislation to create a new hearing aid category over the counter, more affordable and designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. they could be available by 2019 if the measure passes. >> i'd be first in line. >> reporter: this and you hudio has mixed feelings. >> i don't want people to have unrealistic expectations about what it will do for them. >> reporter: she worries patients will skip getting professional help. >> it's limited. >> reporter: other inexpensive devices are already available. personal sound mpamplification products. but they are unregulated and can't be marketed for hearing loss. if over the counter devices are approved, they would be regulated by the fda. kathy peck thinks the need is great. her nonprofit educates about hearing loss. >> they are not getting the help they need and they can't
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it. >> reporter: for tony saunders and millions more, a less expensive over the counter option would be music to their ears. joe fryer, nbc news, san francisco. is that a rainbow? >> why, yes, it is. pretty interesting weather hitting new ynext about company. you can s mexico. and you can see the hail and also a rainbow in the sky. this is near roswell. there you go. >> now we know why. >> more than 2 inches of hail fell in that area. definitely some interesting images. >> a brarainbow will stop everything in my house. >> oh, really? >> oh, yeah. have are 20 to go out on side. >> double rainbows especially. >> and unsettled weath
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well. so we have precious little in the way of sunshine chances between now and about friday morning. so if you need sunshine to feel good, well, maybe you should try to find something else that will make you feel good. i'll about a stiff cup of coffee. outside right now, cloudy skies in washington. we have a little light rain on storm team 4 radar. not terribly close to the city just yet, but cloud cover and 65 degrees now this washington. temperatures elsewhere pretty close to that, low to mid about 60s. just about everywhere. thurmont, 67. 65 in fredericksburg. we may move another two or three degrees. that's about it. most of the rain chances from washington southbound 80%, but i'd have the umbrella with you for sure. all that unsemgttled weather, ts generated the hail across new mexico. severe weather across georgia. and you wi
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to go but up the eastern seaboard. light rain now across parts of central virginia. that's what we will be dealing with here through the afternoon and into the evening hours. and then a little bit of a break. heavier rain possible late tonight into the pre-dawn hours of tomorrow morning. but again, raindrops out here manassas to warrington pushing into the d.c. metro area. future weather carries the rain in and out of here by later on this afternoon. and we'll talk startiin about t memorial day weekend. and we're keeping you update on the bombing outside a concert. a very active investigation. we are hearing about raids of two residential areas. we'll have the latest for you. and we are also keeping a close eye on two hearings taking place right now on capitol hill. terrorism and the russia investigation dominating the attention of lawmakers.
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theresa may condemned the attack. kids are among the 22 killed in the bombing. 69 others hurt. some parents are still trying to reunite with their children. and we're also gegt informatitt information of british police raiding two other areas looking for possible beingaccomplices. president trump called those responsible evil losers. >> and the president is headed to rome right now, this all follows a two day trip to israel where he visited several holy sights and met with israeli leaders. kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: earlier
11:31 am
president spoke with mair athery and offered her condolences in the wake of the attack. his day started with the meet being with the palestinian authority. these are some of the strong words that the president said while in bethlehem. >> we stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the united kingdom. so many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that is a great name. i will call them from now on losers because that is what they are. they are losers. >> reporter: the
11:32 am
made stomping extremism and terrorism a central focus. he spoke about it in saudi arabia. he spoke about it yesterday in jerusalem and again today in bethlehem. calling on the civilized world to try to drive out terrorists. so on expect that to continue to be a central theme as he continues on his foreign trip. earlier today he also visited the holocaust memorial. he heads to rome tonight. back to you. all eyes right now on capitol hill. a senate committee is holding a hearing on worldwide threats. >> right now lawmakers are hearing from director of national intelligence dan coates. one thing he addressed is isis' claim of responsibility in the manchester attack. >> i might mention that isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in manchester. although they claim responsibility for virtually every attack, we have not verified yet the connection. >> over in t
11:33 am
intelligence committee there is also holding a hearing on worldwide threats. former cia director john brennan is speaking before that committee. so far lawmakers have pressed him on the russia investigation and president trump's recent oval office meeting with russian leaders. >> citizens are watching what is going on and they will try to explight to see whether or not they can further i think seed part about is an animosity here in washington and try to -- >> been nonalrennan also said h russia about meddling in the election. the white house has unveiled president trump's 2018 budget proposal. here are four things you need to know about it. the $4.1 trillion proposal calls for deep cuts to several entitlement programs, that includes cuts to medicaid and the federal food stamp program over the next ten years. there are no cuts to medicare and
11:34 am
b ment ben be fits. the budget proposal gets rid of federal subsidies while putsing in place a new income driven repayment bra repayment program. the congress ultimately decides the budget. some about riders not paying fares on metrobuses are getting more violent. scott macfarlane uncovers a disturbing trend. >> reporter: an investigation by the iteam find as surge in the number of cases who cheat paying their fare on metrobuses. and our investigation shows an increase in those cases leading to a tax against the bus operatt the bus operators. video obtained shows some of the assaults. bus drivers being spit upon, being punched and in one case that went to court, a passenger actually stabs the bus driver after
11:35 am
cheating. bus operators tell us this is an ongoing concern. >> was is t. something you were worried about when you were driving? >> all day long. my main goal is to get home to my family. >> reporter: coming up in our investigation, what metro is doing to help protect you when you ride the bus and keep these bus operators safer from fare cheats and from attacks. scott the mcfarland, news 4 iteam. this week in prince george's county, public defenders will be available in an expunge mgt there. they will be helping people get a second chance helping their clir their recoclear their reco of criminal charges. this is other jurisdictions we maybe heard of this but you have not done this. so explain what it is. >> sure, this is the public defender's first expungement fair. there have been other private. but specifically for individuals within the county to come in, w
11:36 am
attorneys to help assist in expunging some records. >> and when you say some about records, what are you talking about? you obviously can't pardon somebody be. >> right. there are certain offenses such as a dismissal, acquittal, those charges are eligible for expungement. and it's important that everybody knows if you're interested in trying to get something expunged, that you're not a defendant in a pending criminal case because you will not be eligible. >> how would i know if i can get my offense expunged? do we call somebody? >> you can show up and actually pre-registration is the best opportunity to make sure we can screen it before you come and make sure you're eligible. >> and this is part of the care program, be client access to resource and empowerment. what is that entire program about? >> this program actually was launched november of last year and it was a collective effort of the attorneys and the staff there to really provide additional resources to individuals within the county. there are
11:37 am
clients come into sign up for the public defender and they were homeless or they didn't have a state identification or g about ed ed resources on and we determined there was more we could do. >> so pre-register. >> right. >> thank you so much for joining us. again, the xt you think aboexpg thursday. clouds is what we're seeing in our skies. and we use see some rain. chuck will be back
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and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at an unexpected technical failure forced a spacewalk this morning. they had to fix robotic equipment. there was a backup box
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it was peggy woodson's tenth spacewalk which ties a record. it is never not amazing watching that. >> you just have to make sure that you're latched on. >> that is a little bit important. >> very small margin for error out there in space. >> and same with you. >> are very small margin for error. people are getting very nervous, we've had so many cloudy days and so many cool weekends in a row, people are getting itchy about the coming week independeend. i can guarantee we will not be 90 degrees over the memorial day weekend. rain chances are hit and miss. right now it will be more of a hit than a miss for rain chances this afternoon. nothing heavy, but light rain is likely to be coming in here, future weather by later on tonight, steadier rain likely to come in late tonight into the overnight hours. here is 10:00 tonight. cloudy skies a
11:41 am
people are sleeping. they have just of the rain is pushing out so the morning commute tomorrow cloudy, a lot of puddles, but not much rain falling during the wednesday morning commute. wednesday afternoon, cloudy, cool, but rain free. and more steady rains come in late wednesday night and then off and on periods of rain with thunderstorms likely during the day on friday. so for today, stuck with the clouds and the light rain in the 60s. tomorrow rain early and another chance for rain very late. just enough of a break in the rain tomorrow most places should get above 70 degrees. if you're headed to the beefach, friday and saturday will be nice and dry. sunday afternoon is the most likely time for rain at the beaches and here at home. monday just a passing shower. but before about you run head long into the water, ocean temperature only 62. so think twice before you jump in without your wet suit on. there is your five day
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thursday, friday and saturday finally some sunshine back near 80 degrees on saturday afternoon. i'll give you the whole ten day coming up in a few minutes. after the break, meet a local high school student just days away from achieving his wildest dreams. the moment that motivated him the most and the sacrifices his mother is so glad she made. and we are mixing up a refreshing summer drink and letting you know how you can vote for the favorite d.c. gaering
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so you have a chance to vote for your favorite strausht res. one of the categories is favorite gathering price and one of the nominees is here. pearl dive will show us what the restaurant is all about. appreciate you coming in. let me ask you to tell us about pearl dive. what is the concept? >> so it's a restaurant on 14th street in about logan circle neighborhood of d.c. we've been around for five years. we are very happy to be up for this award because we pride ourselves on being a favorite of the neighborhood and having repeat guests. so today we brought with us a few of our signature items. we have our old black salt otherwise sist oysters. >> and these are popular sfwlp yes, these are on our list every day. we change our list every day. we have at least a dozen
11:46 am
oysters. we've partnered to come from virginia and they are exclusive to the restaurant group. you can't find them at any other oyster bar in the country. >> is black salt something you do to them? >> well, jeff black is the owner and we like to incorporate his name as much as possible. but they are typically the saltiest oyster that you can find. they mirror the salinity of the river bed that they come in which can is the quiver leequiv saltwater. >> sounds good to me. and you'll make us a drink. talk about what you will make. >> absolutely. so the pearl cup is one of our signature dwrinks drinks. people on the patio, everyone enjoying light summer beverages, this is the perfecting dwri ini for that. we muddled fresh lime and
11:47 am
you cucumber drink. and the other main ingredient is a cordial. pims is -- it is based out of england. it's an herbal liquor. and then we have some ginn. and this is our house made ginger beer. we fleoat that on top. it has fresh ginger. and then throw a straw in there and garnish it with a cucumber wheel. >> am i allowed to taste this? waiting for the producer to it he will me. it looks wonderful. i don't think i can dwrink it on tv, but i'll try it after. and tell a
11:48 am
>> yes, it appears on our brunch and dinner menu. it's two beef patties, green chilies, bacon, let tuesday, y tomato, white onion. and it comes off the wood grill. >> so a little kick and a little spice. >> jyeah, a little smokiness before definitely a staff and guest favorite. >> so you're up for the favorite gathering place. make your pitch. why should people vote for pearl dive? >> we've been a neighborhood staple. the voting is going through may 31st. and then we encourage everyone to attend the awards. we'll be there for our fifth year in a row. ths
11:49 am
>> appreciate you coming in. and you can vote for your favorite restaurant, just search ramys and all the information will be right there. tonight is the night for a new winner of "the voice" to be crowned. four remain to become the season 12 champions. don't forget the two hour if i about naturally airs at a special time, 9:00 right here on nbc 4. well, if you don't know the name markelle fultz, you will soon enough. he's projected to be the top pick in the nba draft and he's from our area. carol
11:50 am
at his high school and eager to see where his drive and focus come from, from his mom. >> i wouldn't want to play you. >> reporter: long before he ever stepped foot in this gym, markelle fultz dared to twreedr. >> i remember all the teaches saying you need to try something else because everybody wants to be an nba player or some type of star. in my head i'm saying i'm going to prove you wrong. >> reporter: now projected to be the one, number one overall in next month's draft. remarkable when you consider just four years ago, he was cut from varsity. a memory that still fuels him. >> that same day, i went in the gym and started working. it was one of the key moments of my life that helped me. and i'm grateful for it. >> rep
11:51 am
f grateful for his mom, a single mother who somehow made it work without any financial aid. >> tuition was 13,800 and i didn't know where it was going to come from, but i knew if i kept him in the school system that he was in, he wasn't going to be prepared to go to college. and i remember calling the lady in the business office every month asking her can you push back my payment. and every month she did it. >> reporter: faith and mom, they make all things possible for markelle. and they will continue to be side by side as he tips off his pro career. she's moving in with you? >> that is something that we haven't totally discussed. i don't want to break her heart yet. >> he did tell me his house his rules. >> reporter: carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> that dos back, my house my rules. it will come back to
11:52 am
some rain this morning on. up next, we will have a look at when it arrives. >> and countdown to summer. the spray you hope will keep the bugs away. new test results on which repellant workthe best.s
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do
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now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. stocking up on your summer supplies in we're working for you as we count down to summer. >> and best buys for everything that you will need. and
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out door, you need a good insect repellant. susan hogan explains what you should look for. >> reporter: with the return of warm e. weather comes the return of the pesky mosquitos and with the threat of zika, you don't want to take any chances. consumer reports says look for insect repellants with one of these three active ingredients. deet, oil of lemon, eucalyptus and spray repellants is the most effective. here are four products they say you can skip. natural repellants. most of the plant based repellants that were tested lasted just one hour or less against mosquito known to spread zika. wrist bands and wearable devices are marketed as being safer, but consumer reports tested two wrist bands and one clip-on and found them to be
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that it did not keep the mosquitos away. sonic repellant, ultrasonic devices emitting high frequency sounds, the trouble is, there is no proof that they actually work. next time you're on your deck, have an oscillating fan next to you because mosquito landings were cut down by 65%. back to you. well, summer of course is not complete without a cookout. tomorrow on "news 4 today," susan looks at the best grills on the market and what should you consider before bringing one home. you can watch us every weekday morning of course at 4:26. no big grilling happening tonight in this area i don't think. >> yeah, not going to be a whole lot of grilling over the next
11:57 am
the reason for all the rain chances, the scoop and score from mother nature here. rain likely to be light today, heavier late tonight and early tomorrow. another good shot coming our way thursday. so keep the umbrellas very handy. you already saw it for a quick preview. 80% chance for light rain later today. heavier rain overnight tonight. should be out of here and both executes tomorrow are likely to be dry. we could have rain before the sun comes up and after the sun goes down tomorrow. and 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms on thursday. friday, saturday look nice and dry to get the holiday weekend started. best chance of rain over the holiday will come sunday afternoon with a p.m. thunderstorm or two. may have a stray passing shower on memorial day, but most outdoor bbqs will be a-okay. >> all right. thank you, chuck. that's it for news 4 midday. we're back on air at 4. and of course you can get news and weather updates anytime with the nbc washington app.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> it shocks me every time we hear this sort of news that attacks like this can happen, but especially when there will be so many children at this concert tonight. >> emotional james cordon addressing the horrific suicide bomb attack at ariana grande's concert in manchester last night. i still can't believe it. >> scores of people dead, many more injured, including as you heard children and their parents. ariana grande responded tweeting "broken from the bottom of my heart. i am so sorry. i don't have words." as the news was breaking yesterday, i just kept thinking here we go again. you know, the difficult moment in


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